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Bestselling Crime Fiction Books The Ace Stone Adventure Series: Books I, II & III
SPECIAL OFFER: The Ace Stone Adventure Series: Books I, II & III

Best Selling Crime Fiction Books The Ace Stone Adventure Series: Books I, II & III

Bulldog Publications, Est. 1980

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Ace Stone Book Series Special Offer
The Unexpected Warrior - Book I

Growing up in 1970’s Britain desperate to be a success and break away from his humble beginnings, budding entrepreneur Ace Stone is young, charming and cash rich.

His illegal boxing promotions and uncanny knack for creative business dealings land him the dream life he always wanted. However there’s a cost for this success, as the veiled lady of his subconscious haunts and taunts him, Ace’s ventures take an even darker turn that includes money-laundering, drugs, betrayal and murder.

His loyalty is tested amid a bloody war between rival crime organizations and Ace has to pull off the biggest deal of his life to save himself and the life he has so desperately fought for, but at what at cost?

The Unexpected Knight - Book II

It’s the early 1990’s and Ace Stone the dashing charming fight promoter come businessman and financier, barely escapes the London landscape of crime, murder and dubious underworld connections. He heads to the promising shores of America and exploits his financial talents with an organised crime family based in New York; Ace works parallel with their business operations in Las Vegas and starts a new life in Sin City.

But life suddenly spirals out of control as Ace becomes involved in an elaborate fraud involving a high-ranking member of the mob family and a haul of millions of dollars in cash, which places him in an unrelated trap and spurious hit-list.

Ace has to avoid being hunted down, tortured and killed by a hired gun, but only if he can relinquish the loves of his life and trust a cold assassin whose loyalty is unknown. 

The Unexpected Return - Book III

An adventure in Africa is just what Ace Stone desperately needs to finally pursue independent wealth and avoid questions from British and American Government Agencies relating to the illegal antics of his much needed, but shady client base.

West Africa and the Sahara Desert bring sanctuary but a fierce heat of their own in more ways than one. Ace is taken aback by his spiritual connection to Africa’s ancient warrior ancestors, which force him to examine and question his own existence.

Ace later comes face to face with the extremely brutal side of greed and the darkest side of human nature in the conflict diamond trade of Sierra Leone, bringing to question the business of war and the consequences of his choices.

The balancing act of freewill comes to a head as Ace must risk a path of self-destruction in order to stay at the top of his game.


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