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eBook: The Unexpected Warrior: An Ace Stone Adventure (London Hard-Boiled Noir Crime Thriller Series)

eBook The Unexpected Warrior: An Ace Stone Adventure (London, Hard-Boiled, Noir, Crime Thriller Series)

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"If you like hard-boiled, gritty and action packed novels with terrific twists, you’ll love The Ace Stone Adventure Series of books! Let Nicholas Price take you on a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the dark underbelly of criminal London!"

Growing up in 1970’s Britain desperate to be a success and break away from his humble beginnings, budding entrepreneur Ace Stone is young, charming and cash rich.

His illegal boxing promotions and uncanny knack for creative business dealings land him the dream life he always wanted. However there’s a cost for this success, as the veiled lady of his subconscious haunts and taunts him, Ace’s ventures take an even darker turn that includes money-laundering, drugs, betrayal and murder.

His loyalty is tested amid a bloody war between rival crime organizations and Ace has to pull off the biggest deal of his life to save himself and the life he has so desperately fought for, but at what at cost?

This is the first book in a series of Ace Stone Adventures by Nicholas A. Price!

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