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eBook Adventures in Trichology by author Nicholas A. Price

eBook Adventures in Trichology: A Novel

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This laugh-out-loud chronicle charts the life of Norman Baker, the quaint proprietor of a British hairdressing salon. Norman has a deliciously wicked and sarcastic side to him and is not quite the quintessential hairdressing type (must be gay with the right hand whilst carrying a pair of shears with the left!) His ability to flit creatively from one crazy relationship to another with his various female intrigues is fascinating, as he struggles to find the meaning of life through women’s hair, whilst dealing with the insane shenanigans of his relationships, clients and friends.
Norman’s “close crops” and “up-do’s” will have his readers helpless with laughter in this provocative, erotic and hysterical book – readers can’t help but say “Oh Norman, you lucky bastard”.

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