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Our latest information regarding Amazon book reviews

This comment is posted by the publisher, Tough Tribe Publishing Group and its imprint divisions Demy Children’s Books and Bulldog Publications, Est. 1980.

Many readers of fiction books are reaching out and telling us about how their genuine and unbiased reviews of their favorite books purchased on Amazon.com are being removed without reason under Amazon’s purge of deleting accounts they believe will combat fraudulent reviewers across all their sales platforms, not just books.

We know that most of these consumers are indeed genuine with a validated track record of either personally purchasing the book or having received advanced reader copies from the author or publisher, or through various competitions or giveaways including giveaways on Amazon’s sister company Goodreads.com – have had their reviews completely deleted causing much distress not only to the consumers who take their time to diligently write honest reviews, some who have done book reviews over a span of months and years – but also of the authors who rely on these reviews to engage with their readers. This policy has affected everyone in the publishing and reading community.

We understand why Amazon are implementing this but still, this issue is concerning and extremely alarming to both authors and readers and we are working diligently with various sources in the legal and publishing communities as to how this policy affects our own established and up and coming authors published under the Tough Tribe Group.

Despite this being a difficult and tumultuous time for book reviewers and authors as a whole, we encourage all book readers to use the social media and online tools at their disposal to continue the healthy dialogue of reviewing books they either love, like or don't enjoy and for our authors to continue speaking in their own voice about the books that they write, so that all readers can freely make up their own minds in a democracy where free speech and public opinion is the basic right of every person.

It is in this regard that we ask that readers that purchase any of our author’s works can now post their own reviews on the author’s website and as the publisher, we can cross reference the reviews directly from the source the book was acquired whether directly from us/author’s sales page or from another reputable and authorized book seller.

Don't forget that there are still many other book related platforms to leave your review on too including the author's social media pages, your own pages, other book sellers, book blogs, reader forums and of course you can always try to post your honest and unbiased reviews on Amazon.com too. They may leave it alone if it it fits with whatever policy they have in place that hour of the day!

Thank you for your continued support of our author’s and in your help in keeping reading alive!


Tough Tribe Publishing Group

Updated: August 4, 2018