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Books In Development for TV or A Motion Picture

"I am constantly developing new and exciting ideas in this new age of multi-media with my work as a writer. Sometimes I decide on a soft release of my books to get feedback from fans and followers of my work and to test the marketplace for the genre or subject I am writing about.

The project either stays as a stand-alone fiction book or it catches the eye of a great producer or director who I then work with to make it into another exciting project.

I am pleased to say that the books listed here have been selected for further development for television or a motion picture project.

When you click on each title, the page will indicate individually the status of availability in terms of purchasing any copies still available from the soft release. Please note that my site and VIP/fan subscribers are the ONLY official channels to purchase these title listed here from any soft release. You can still continue leaving reviews of your purchase preferably on my author site or my social media pages - only so not to cause confusion elsewhere during this development stage.

The actual book will be a global and official hard release when the project is completed as a companion to the final media presentation. Anyone will then be able to purchase the book from here, or their favorite bookstore.

 You can sign up to receive notification and news as this project develops and when you can purchase the book, and see it translated to the big screen.

I want to finally THANK YOU all for the great support you give me to help me develop my book and other writings. This is a full-time lifestyle which I am fortunate to have all thanks to my readers and to the great support team who believe in my work" - Nicholas A. Price


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