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The Ace Stone Adventure Series

 Rave Reviews

"Price has shown himself to be a master of intrigue and adventure!" - The Arts Scene & Heard Book Review (Crime/Fiction)

"Hurrah for Ace Stone" - BritLit Book Club

"You can smell the fear and the excitement at the turn of each page"UK Crime Fiction Book Club

"A blockbuster novel" - The Las Vegas Chapter, The Crime Fiction Club

"If you like hard-boiled, grittyand action packed novels with terrific twists, you'll love The Ace Stone Adventure Series of books!" -The  Bookworm Review Circle (Crime Fiction)

"Author Nicholas A, Price offers a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the world of high-finance to the dark underbelly of the criminal underworld!" - UK Crime Fiction Book Club



Ace Stone is young, charming and cash rich. His illegal boxing promotions and uncanny knack for creative business dealings in the world of business and high-finance land him the dream life he always wanted. However there’s a cost for this success, as "The Lady", veiled in his subconscious haunts and taunts him, Ace’s ventures take an even darker turn that includes international heists, money-laundering, organized crime, love, betrayal and murder.

This series of books begin in London, England and take you on a whirlwind of an action-packed adventure through Europe (Book1), New York and Las Vegas (Book 2), Europe and Africa (Book 3), with future stories from other various locations around the world!

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