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The Hideous Child (A Series of Ghastly Things Book 3) Kindle Edition
The Hideous Child (A Series of Ghastly Things Book 3) Kindle Edition

eBook The Hideous Child (A Series of Ghastly Things Book 3) Kindle Edition

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The Hideous Child loves to prepare her own meals.
You would let her too, if you had seen today’s menu!
We all know that children relish in shocking their parents. 
This delightful but ghastly tale may leave you wanting more…
Or maybe not.

Editorial Reviews

Kids LOVE gory, ghastly, yucky subjects. This is no exception! The children (I read to) raved about this one and poured over the illustrations of the Hideous Child's menu. I won't go into too much information but I was surprised to learn from the "Ghastly Facts" located at the end of the story that the items the Hideous Child prepares, (and consumes), is a mainstay diet for several cultures around the world.This book is educational, informative, original in concept and beautifully illustrated. I highly recommend this one" - The Bookworm, Review Circle

Illustrated by Gigi Art, children will love the pictures that accompany the story.
In The Hideous Child, a mother sits quietly and watches her daughter prepare her own meal. What a wonderful and quaint little child. It's good to see her taking care of herself, but whatever is she making? Why a plate of beetle larvae and butterfly guts. Is this an everyday occurrence or has mother's little one gone stark raving mad?
Did you know that beetles and grasshoppers are a mainstay of villages in Africa and South America? They do provide much needed nourishment. A few of these facts about what people in different countries regularly eat follows the story." - Kindle Book Reviews

From the Author

Nicholas A. Price explores the tantalizing, sometimes macabre, and often darkly comic subjects (like the Ghastly Tapeworm,  The Germs and the Hideous Child) that children love to explore in their own minds of pure imagination. Nicholas brings the fun and fantasy of that wonderful world through his own amusing and largely various short stories, designed for children of all ages, including adults, to read, squirm and revel in time and time again.
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