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Douglas Dell spent four years in the Deep South uncovering the dirty secrets of a drug ring and its far reaching tentacles in a small rural community that could little afford its presence. Dell lives in Florida focusing on his writing of the Robert Winchester Series of books. Deep and Dirty is his first Novel.



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The Southern Literary Review celebrates southern authors and their contributions to American literature.  We feature the classic writers who have defined southern literature, and we highlight emerging authors through interviews, profiles, and book reviews. In an effort to back independent bookstores and to encourage creativity in the publishing world.
AM: “The funny thing about The South,” says the narrator in the prologue to your debut novel, Deep and Dirty, “is that it’s pretty, an odd choice of word but highly practical, take away the disasters sitting on almost every other corner and you’ll notice nature has this way of battling human influence by blotting out […] read more
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