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B.A. Richman's Marvelous Master Mind and Library of Knowledge.

About The Author: B.A. Richman

"My work is dedicated to all teachers past and present, who through their knowledge and life experiences have presented humankind with the true meaning of life on earth and our right to free will and new thought, so that we may claim our birthright to a life filled with love, joy and abundance" - B.A. Richman

The Master Key

I am one of several custodians of knowledge for a very extensive and  specialized library dedicated to preserving the books that are the Master Keys to a life of abundance, wealth, health, peace and happiness in all its forms.

Available Books

I am proud to make available a select number of books, some that are already in public domain, which I have striven to present in a manner that honors the author's original content and presented with the greatest care.


Who Am I?

My dedication and mission is to bring absolute love, joy , knowledge and entertainment through the Marvelous Master Mind and Library of Knowledge I am so privileged to curate and maintain.
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This book is NOT available in an ebook format and Amazon are promoting my cover/design but selling books by other publishers and editions that are copied straight from public domain and badly formatted. Please make sure you are purchasing this edition and not another when buying from Amazon.
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