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About The Author: Nicholas A. Price

Short Biography

Nicholas Price left the world of international high-finance to pursue his passion in life as a visual artist. His artworks are extensive and feature across the world in both private and public domains.

 He is an author that has published a variety of genres that include: Crime Fiction, comedy, children's and poetry books. His writing style offers a variety of topics that entertain a large audience.

 "I enjoy writing about the things I am acquainted with and have experienced first-hand. That knowledge spans nearly 40 years and those friends and colorful characters I have discovered in both in my personal, creative and professional life have loosely crossed into the fictional path of my writings. They grow and evolve into the characters I hope my readers will also come to love or despise in much the same way as I do."

Nicholas is an avid traveler, when he's not enjoying his private writer's retreat or undertaking his artistic commissions.


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