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Yes, this one is pretty Ghastly BUT the kids will LOVE IT!

No matter what filmmakers create in the hope of frightening an audience, they can never come close to some of nature’s ghastly creations. Imagine a creature rarely seen by anyone outside of the medical or scientific world. Something that withstands the rigors the human or animal gut and shares your three square meals a day, even when uninvited and don’t forget those sneaky snacks in-between the kind you thought were a great secret, this sinister character is even in on those!

You get to meet this creature up close and personal in my book THE TAPEWORM, where all the facts come to life, only you might rather forget. I suggest you read this one between meals and not when you're checking out a handy snack.

Of course my tapeworm arrives with a few extras; it talks and has numerous dietary preferences, including a sweet tooth! In fact there’s no keeping THE TAPEWORM down, until it’s time for a haircut!


The Tapeworm by author Nicholas Price teaches kids all about hygiene and cooking

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