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The Importance of my dedication in Hated Men: A Charlie Silver Novel

Hated Men: A Charlie Silver Novel dedicated to the woman in the doorwayIn my book Hated Men: A Charlie Silver Novel, my dedication reads -Dedicated to the girl in the doorway.

   In my case the dedication is an important part of the writing process. Like the title and the general acknowledgements, the dedication is primarily the first thing the reader sees. As an author I feel that these one or two lines often speak volumes. My dedications range from those reflective of the book's subject or main content, to downright personal.

   In Hated Men, I chart the power struggle of a crime family who have built an empire in Soho London during the 1960's through to the 90's, on the blood, sweat and tears of dark side of humanity, sex, loan-sharking and gambling to name a few.
   Hated Men also carries the untold story of the women that exist in these circles. Some of the content reflects more of what might be deemed as a politically incorrect era when compared to now but these experiences gave rise and personality to my female characters and I have a distinct fondness and admiration for them.
   I decided to dedicate my book to some of the most powerful, smart and unique women I have ever met. Some of their stories illustrate how not all women are victims in the skin business. Of course I am not blind to the daily dangers and issues these women faced then and today, but these individuals are real and their outlook is strong.
 Even now there is a powerful movement of sex workers looking to get recognition whilst maintaining the rights and freedom to choose their own lifestyle, what they do with their bodies and how they make money. Major changes have already occurred in Canada and throughout Europe where the law for women over the age of 18 has been changed to accept and decriminalise those who choose this vocation and this means that the century’s old profession might finally make legal sex work a safer, more acceptable and equitable environment for those who desire to offer such services willingly.

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