Midwest Critic's Review of The Lazy Hour Children's book by Nicholas A. Price

The Lazy Hour by Nicholas A. PriceThe Lazy Hour (The Time Series Book 2)
Nicholas A. Price
Demy Books
B06X3TGBBT, $2.99, 11 pages

Children - Age Level 4-10

Every day is filled with twenty four hours. These hours are measured by seconds, minutes, and hours. Mr. Hour feels that his part of the day is one of the slowest to ever come around. He spends his life watching the Silly Second Quad and Hasty Minute Crowd always seeming to take center stage.

Each one plays an important role to keep the years moving forward. For if they were to slack off on their duties time would stop. Teamwork is essential to keep the time marching along.

THE LAZY HOUR is a wonderful illustrated book. I loved the uniqueness each character brought to the overall story. Children are sure to be delighted in this wonderful tale that will help explain the importance of time.

Nicholas A. Price writes superb content that is highly beneficial to a child's learning experience. This is the second in this highly entertaining series that I have had the privilege of reading. I feel this author's writing is so crucial to the young minds of America. I highly recommend his writing and would love to be able to see it included in the curriculum for the specified age group.

Mister Second Runs Out of Time (The Time Series Book 3)
Nicholas A. Price
Demy Books
B06VVVRBBN, $2.99, 12 pages

Children's (Age Level: 1-10)

Time Marches On. . .

Mr. Second is intent to find a way to stop time. He sees the prime opportunity come when he spies Old Miss Julie Clock. There she was on the wall a tick tock, tick tock coming from her clock. He decides she is an easy target and overpowers her.

Finally, he is convinced he has stopped time!!! He dances with joy that he has finally succeeded in slowing the hands of time down to allow him a sense of freedom.

Will Mr. Second win in his battle to stop time? Or will he see that his efforts are all for not, for time is an element that goes on regardless of the circumstance?

MISTER SECOND RUNS OUT OF TIME is another exceptionally written book THE TIME SERIES. With each new offering, I grow more in love with this beloved character and his clever ways to want to stop time.

Nicholas A. Price is a very talented and creative author. I am highly impressed with his writing skills and feel his time series is one of the most beneficial series of books I have read for youngsters. Each one speaks with their own special voice.

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