Hated Men: A Charlie Silver Novel

A tale of family and society, the skin game and shady deals, law and order, obedience and rebellion...

Nicholas A. Price reveals the dark passions of human nature played out against a backdrop of the criminal underworld of Soho London...

In the bloody fights between father and son, rival gangs and crime lords, who will be crowned the next King of Soho? 

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Reader Testimonials

I love Nicholas Price's Adventures in Trichology and purchased the children's books for my nieces and nephews who absolutely adored them. The Tapeworm though was super creepy! LOL Thank you and keep up the good work!

Tiffany (via Facebook)

I have enjoyed many of your children's books...my daughter's favorite is Timed to Perfection. My son loves The Tapeworm!

Mr. Lee (via Facebook)

(The Tapeworm) It was imaginative, without a doubt an entertaining read for children. It had a little dark humour that reminded me of Grizzly Tales and would surely be a fit for anyone who enjoyed those books or the TV adaptation.

Melissa (Amazon.co.uk)

TIMED TO PERFECTION is one delightful book! I was so impressed by the beautifully illustrated characters that helped the story flow smoothly. The story is one that will appeal to both the adult and a child. I can easily see this being read as a bedtime story.

Suzie (Amazon.com)

Customer Review: Love & Laughter for Adventures In Trichology

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More Reader Testimonials

MISTER SECOND RUNS OUT OF TIME is another exceptionally written book THE TIME SERIES. With each new offering, I grow more in love with this beloved character and his clever ways to want to stop time. 

Suzie (AmazonKindle)

(The Moon Has A Big Head) The lesson children will take away is simple; nobody likes a big-headed ego and there will always be somebody whose light will shine bigger or brighter. The old adage of ‘Pride before a fall’ springs to mind! Vivid illustrations complete this delightful and well-constructed tale.
This book will appeal to both young and old!

Julianna (AmazonKindle)

(Set of 4 Poetry Books) These books are must read for anyone who lives and breathes and enjoys poetry. Do not miss them. I read one from each book everyday and start my day enjoying life. PS Fantastic illustration on covers and within books.

Amazon Customer (Verified)

Blog posts

The Importance of my dedication in Hated Men: A Charlie Silver Novel

The Importance of my dedication in Hated Men: A Charlie Silver Novel

"Dedicated to the girl in the doorway "- I decided to dedicate my book to some of the most powerful, smart and unique women I have ever met. 
Giveaway Coming Up: The Ace Stone Adventures are here

Giveaway Coming Up: The Ace Stone Adventures are here

If you've been following me on on my social media, you'll see it's been a month of unboxing the Ace Stone books I, II and next week III! So in celebration of this amazing milestone, I have created a giveaway of the firsy book The Unexpected warrior on my Goodreads.com author page!

Rediscovering my poetry took me on a relaxing, mental vacation!

Rediscovering my poetry took me on a relaxing, mental vacation!

I'm sharing this post from my official page on FB and other social media as it's Valentine’s day this week and romance is always in the air for me, 

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