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Fun & Informative Books About Health & Hygiene For Kids

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“We are the Germ Family. We are really quite disgusting. And we LOVE it! We are everywhere you humans are. So come and join us on our travels and discover our favorite destinations. But remember, there is only one thing we are afraid of…”

This book helps children to understand about germs and the importance of hand washing!

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"Author Price takes the reader on a horror-filled but humorous tale of the life of a tapeworm, one inside the body of a person who loved to eat. Yikes! It's just the kind of thing so many children love to read!"

Roland Kling, Good Kindle Reviews

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...And also from The Ghastly Series

5.0 out of 5 stars This short story is based on a really interesting topic, sure to spark some reaction or discussion! Great read!

Often children will go out of their way to shock their parents, but this isn’t one of those times! And the menu described certainly didn’t leave me wanting more! But, truth is often stranger than fiction... (verified review)

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Reader Testimonials

(Hated Men) Intense. Fascinating. Engaging. Had to read it to the end in one sitting.

Sean Bailey (Verified Direct Purchase)

(The Unexpected Warrior) Not many new authors grab me today. Their stories are so formulaic. TUW is NOT! Thank you for writing such a fascinating book. I am intrigued by Ace Stone and the kind of man that only seems to exist in fiction today - sigh - 

Jackie Morrison (Verified Amazon.com Purchase)

I love Nicholas Price's Adventures in Trichology and purchased the children's books for my nieces and nephews who absolutely adored them. The Tapeworm though was super creepy! LOL Thank you and keep up the good work!

Tiffany (via Facebook)

I have enjoyed many of your children's books...my daughter's favorite is Timed to Perfection. My son loves The Tapeworm!

Mr. Lee (via Facebook)

(The Tapeworm) It was imaginative, without a doubt an entertaining read for children. It had a little dark humour that reminded me of Grizzly Tales and would surely be a fit for anyone who enjoyed those books or the TV adaptation.

Melissa (Amazon.co.uk)

TIMED TO PERFECTION is one delightful book! I was so impressed by the beautifully illustrated characters that helped the story flow smoothly. The story is one that will appeal to both the adult and a child. I can easily see this being read as a bedtime story.

Suzie (Amazon.com)


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